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François Frédéric Emond is an experienced residential real estate broker guided by the following core values: TRANSPARENCY - INTEGRITY - AUTHENTICITY, both in his personal and professional life.

As a residential real estate broker since 2014, he has built trusted relationships with his clients through his enthusiasm, passion for real estate, and architecture. Providing exceptional customer service, exceeding his clients' expectations through his dedication and availability. 

François Frédéric holds two (2) university certifications obtained from the Haute-Études Commerciales de Montréal (HEC). Proud of his educational journey, he continues to expand his knowledge and stay at the forefront of new technologies.

In 2023, François Frédéric decided to incorporate new technologies into his service offerings with the ultimate goal of spending more time discussing and assisting his clients while still delivering the high-quality service they expect from him. Artificial intelligence and the automation of certain processes are now part of our reality. Therefore, he decided to leverage these advancements to benefit his clients and business partners by modernizing his processes.

Through his distinctive and dedicated support, François Frédéric aims to make you experience the most beautiful moments of your project while minimizing any concerns related to a real estate transaction. He ensures that you have a proper understanding of the ins and outs of your project because he knows that each project and client are unique and require a unique approach.

Adding a touch of blue to your project:

This phrase is not insignificant to François Frédéric. It truly takes on its meaning when you meet him and understand that blue is closely associated with dreams, escapism, and feelings of freedom. Offering "blue" to his clients means that he desires to accompany you in order to facilitate the transactional process and make it more personal.

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